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Whatever the surface you are painting in your home, Solver has the perfect paint finish for your project.

Solver Paints are made to the very highest professional standards, with a range of finishes to suit every application from trims and doors, to walls and ceilings.

Maxi Enviroguard

Solver Maxi Enviroguard is technologically advanced, low voc and highly washable acrylic wall paint that has reduced emissions and is virtually odourless, allowing interiors to be reoccupied sooner after painting.

Maxi Wash

Solver Maxi Wash is a highly washable acrylic wall paint formulated for easy application, high covering power and mimimal splatter. Solver Maxi Wash dries to a smooth finish, which gives excellent washability and stain removal.

Maxi Ceilings

Maxi Ceiling Paint is available in Maxi Ceiling White and Maxi Ceiling Flat for use on interior ceilings.

Maxi Enviroguard

Maxi Enviroguard offers a complete range of ultra low odour, technologically advanced low VOC interior acrylic paints.

Aqua Trim

Aqua Trim is a quality, 100% acrylic, water-based enamel, suitable for interior and exterior doors, windows and trims.


Solver Trims are a complete range of traditional solvent based enamels designed to provide outstanding durability and performance on interior and exterior doors, windows and trims.

Metal Primers

Painting metal surfaces requires special preperation of the surface. Solver metal primers are specifically made for use on a wide range of metal surfaces.

Timber Primers

Solver's range of timber primers cover any requirement, from fast drying to long lasting and specialist system appplications.

Walls - General

Solver's range of undercoats is made to compliment the topcoats for long lasting performance.

Walls - Specialist

Solver's range of specialist undercoats are specifically made for exotic substrates or difficult envioronmental conditions.