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Ancillary Additives & Prepatory

Painting accessories complement and enhance your DIY home decorating experience by making handling paint safe, reduces waste and mess, and speeds up the painting job.

Features & Benefits

  • - Reduces wastage and mess
  • - Speeds up the painting job

Finishes Available

CZC Driers

A balanced paint drier blend of Cobalt, Zirconium and Calcium compounds. Designed for use by the specialist painter when the drying performance of air-dry, solvent-based enamel paints needs enhancing. This product does not contain lead materials and has minimal effect on the colour of the final paint film.


A urethane based additive for solvent-based enamels to improve hard drying properties, humidity, petrol and wrinkle resistance. May be used under air dry, or force dry conditions up to 30 minutes at 80°C.

Antifungus Additive

A powerful fungicide which helps prevent mould growth on interior or exterior paint surfaces.

Solprep Degreaser

Specially formulated for metal degreasing and cleaning prior to painting.

Technical Information